About Råderum

Råderum advises, produces and anchors site-specific art in public spaces. We create art that connects places, people and stories. At Råderum, we work inclusively and make an effort to create good processes from start to finish for everyone involved. We facilitate processes where art negotiates and changes urban spaces, buildings and landscapes. We believe that art can short circuit given logics and offer new ones. For us, it is important that artistic knowledge comes into play and we know the value of getting many actors to pull in the same direction.

Charlotte Bagger Brandt has many years of experience as a curator, debater, lecturer, moderator, developer and facilitator in the artistic and cultural field. She has an international network and over the years has specialized in providing significant strategic input through, for example, urban development projects, exhibitions and events as well as through targeted analyzes and collection of knowledge both at home and abroad. Charlotte is happy to facilitate conversations across interests and create new communities and synergies. She works as an art consultant for Statens Kunstfond, for various art organizations and for private builders. She sits on several boards in the art world and is a mentor to younger visual artists. Charlotte’s focus is to provide space for art as a field of knowledge that can help to create change, both in close everyday life and in larger structural contexts.